Birds Control

Rope Access Birds Control in London

Rope Access or abseiling is one of the most versatile and useful techniques to carry out tasks at heights that are difficult to reach by traditional means. Birds control is one of them.

For pesky birds, any area is reachable that is otherwise hard to access for others. This sneaking habit of birds can actually give nightmares to building managers who are responsible for the upkeep of the structure. They have to consider the health and safety hazards and address the problem by effective means and this is where rope access birds control London comes to rescue.

SGRAS leads the way in offering rope access birds control services in London at reduced cost and time. We use rope access methods to effectively clean buildings infested by a variety of birds as well as birds. These birds can create unwanted noise and even cause extensive structural damage to the building in long-run. Furthermore, the waste they produce can even impact the health of the residents. We use rope access methodology and high-class abseiling equipment to safely reach heights and position bird deterrents to keep them away.

We have a robust team of rope access technicians who are proficient in bird control sectors and provide humane systems of control. The solutions offered are proactive, preventative and non-harmful to birds.

Equipped with modern abseiling technology and holding necessary training, we are experts in dealing with projects that are challenging or too expensive to manage through conventional methods.

A reliable rope access birds control company in London, our services cover:

  • Installation of pest alarm systems
  • Spike installation
  • Bird proofing solutions
  • Anti-access wires

We require fewer men hours to perform necessary tasks as the equipment is ready to install and use. Moreover, if we are able to spot any exterior defect, we will bring that to your immediate

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Our offer in Birds Control services is determined according to the following criteria:

What exactly do you need?
Example: We can make design to prevent birds landing, which are make a mess in the section.

What is roof situation?
Example: Do you have Safety-eye bolts installed or we need to prepare weights for safe abseiling?

How big it’s the sector?
Example: Survey is needed to get the dimensions of the sector, that will be used for Bird netting design and installation. But for bird spikes you can give us details where exactly needs to.

What type of access the roof has?
Example: Do you have a lift or its only stairs to top floor?

In SGRA we are very flexible to be reach in maximum supply our customers and make more of brilliant services. We are providing one off or regular services. Of course in our regular services we have discounted. Payable upon completion of service.

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