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Our technicians are qualified and experienced in rope access, as well as a variety of building and structure maintenance and cleaning tasks

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Why choose SGRAS abseiling for your building?

Industrial abseiling allow technicians to descend to normally hard-to-reach places that would otherwise be inaccessible by alternative methods, such as ventilation ducts, exhaust ducts and gutters.


Work includes cleaning, glazing, brick and masonry restoration, pest control, conditional inspection, decoration and repair. 

A cost-effective option

Rope access uses significantly less equipment and manpower compared to scaffolding. This means rope access is far more cost-effective and time efficient.

Accessing high altitudes with the right attitude

Smart Group Rope Access Services (SGRAS) does an important job of making inaccessible accessible for functions that are critical to residential and commercial establishments. We provide industrial abseiling services, simply known as ‘rope access’. For several years, advanced rope access has challenged organisations to perform business essential functions in hard to reach places. As a certified Rope Access Company, we are here to offer a solution.

Our specialty rope access teams come to rescue in situations when access is difficult, unreachable or too expensive. Proficient in roping ascent, descent and rope climbing techniques, we ascertain access to high, overhanging and otherwise tricky structures. Whenever there’s a problem with access, SGRAS is the name to reckon. With safe accessibility at greater heights, we offer building maintenance services as an extension to rope access, and several other services in this regard.

Rope access to support other services to be performed at heights

With required training and practices, all our technicians are expert in rope access techniques to ensure complete peace of mind. Our rope access services in London can be applied to leak detection, window cleaning, repairing, cleaning, installing, roof inspection and repair, and several other services with minimal disruption.
Our industrial abseiling services have ensured the best solution in window cleaning and roof maintenance in and around London. Past few years has resulted in growing support for rope access for providing a safer and convenient means to access heights.

Whether it is about inspecting roof for leakage, roof repair, a high banner, clean upper floor windows, or paint higher structures, rope access technicians can help access the building with no scaffolding, thus saving a lot of time and money.

The evolution of safe rope access techniques has allowed safer access to heights for a variety of jobs in London.

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Smart Group Rope Access Services in London
Smart Group Rope Access Services in London

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Billy Howe
Billy Howe
I really recommend it amazing service such an affordable price
Stank Marvin
Stank Marvin
Fantastic service, quick and affordable. Thanks lads
Tatiana Fenwick
Tatiana Fenwick
Thank you ever so much for coming to clean my windows. Very professional service! Will be using again.
L Ryan
L Ryan
Thank you for making my hotel shiny.